Fiji vol.2

Time has been flying fast and there is already three weeks from my last story about my life in Fiji. Weather has been little bit better or I just start to get used to it. Sun is shining almost every day, but during eveningtime we have some rain also. I was thinking, that I know what means hard rain, but here this expression got absolutely different dimension. Half an hour and 20cm rain. And the voice what coming from it is loud and if there is thounderstorm same time, so you don’t hear your own thoughts any more.
After beeing in the village like one month I decided to rent a car, even just for weekend. In front of the factory we have gas station and from there is possible to rent car with normal price. So I don’t have to worry how to get car from capital, which is 50km from here. Traffic is difficult of course. It need time to get used. Road are in bad condition nad ther is lot of mountains…pour engine. I was already in Suva, capital and it was not very nice experience. Too much car’s. I heard that every second one is buying their licence….why I am not surprised???
Last week I managed to do more interesting things. Let’s start from diving. Finally I went to dive. I managed to organize throught one divingcenter, how uses our fish leftovers for sharkdiving, so I didn’t have to pay, which was excellent, because this experience wasn’t the best one. Boat was big and metallic, not comfortable. We had only 5 divers and 2 snorkelists on board, three of the divers was like over 60 years old. Equipment for them prepared DM. I did it myself, of course. To get to divesite took about 20 minutes. Sea was absolutely perfect in yhis morning. Divebreefing included 2 sentences; I want to see 100 bar and how looks like handsighn for boat…that’s all!! And everybody start to go to water. I asked, do I have a buddy? They give one woman. One men stayed alone and Dm didn’t took his us his buddy. I was ready before the others, also my buddy. Dm didn’t know, I’m instructor… he tell’s us to jump water and WAIT OTHERS IN THE BOTTOM! It was depth of 10m! How it’s possible?
Anyway, we was under water like 55 minutes and dm looked toward group like 2 times and those three older person were weak divers. He didn’t care. He showed us some fish and that’s all. All group was after him like cows…Second dive was exactly same. We didn’t got any breefing about boat and between two dives was only 30 minutes interval, but that all I understand well…there was no toilet in the boat!
Both dive sites was average, second one may-be little bit better. At least we see 6 big humpheads, but unfortunately they was so far away, I could not get good photo. Also we saw few whitetip sharks. Visibility is poor too, like 15-20 meter and lot of plancton. Lots on dead corals and not so many kind of soft corals us in Red Sea. So, its lot more safe to dive in Sharm and those divesites I saw was like Middle Carden in Sharm!
So, I was disapointed. I have heard, that best sites here are around small islands and between islands, where is currant. Here is no point to go dive and pay for this. Better is already rent a boat and dive where ever you want. Only thing I want to do underwater here is sharkdive, where you can feed sharks from stick. This I will make. And few days ago friend of mine saw hugeTigershark from his boat. Nice!
Last Saturday I was kayaking in mountainriver and it was really fantastic! Event was organized very good. The group was like 17 persons and before leaving headquaters, we got long breefing about all day, what will happen and when. After that we sit in bus and start to go up to mountains, until 900m from sealevel. View was increadeble. Unfortunately was cloudy weather, but still fantastic. After 2 hours of bad road we reached fijian village and there was waiting us traditional kava drinking ceremony. Kavaroot is main income for village. They grow it, dry it and then they sell it. They drink this liquid called kava every day like several times. Unfortunately it was not allowed to make photos during ceremony, but I will try to explain to you. They put powder of this kavaroot to special dish and add water. It looks like mudwater and it is like local drug. Everybody will have his cup personally and before take it, clap his hand one time, say bula to chief and take it with both hands. And drink it all immidiately. Liquid is little bitter and after drinking it, you loose feeling in your tonque and throuth for couple of minutes. They telling that after fourth cup will be …interesting…we did drink only two… we wanted to stay inside of kayakies;)))
After ceremony we finally reached river. They gave us helmets, lifejackets and drybags. Safety breefing was good. Kayak’s was inflatables. Everybody had his and trip started.
The river was easy, but surrounding nature was unbelievable;high stonewalls in both side of river, covered with untouched rainforest. We had one lunchbreak and one 15 minutes long walk to waterfall. Water temperature was 26 degrees. Half of the trip we made in long woodenboats with engines. In the end was waiting our bus for going back to startpoint.
It was nice day; beautiful nature, little sport and good company. To understand, who is who; so Leah is manager of my brothers fishfactory, also Elsie works in factory. Alfie is manager of Uprising hotel and Rajeev is manager of local gas station.
Sunday was sunshine,so I took Andree and we drived to Sigatoka town and beachis. This town is situated appr. 90km from Pacific Harbour. Long beaches and no tourists! We swimmed, walked in beach. And tried not to burn ourselves. In the evening start to rain again.
This was my last week. In the morning I get up 5 o’clock and I go to run. Morning is the best time;fresh and silent. Only birds are singing. Today I start to swim in the sea…I don’t like it…wet and salty, and I don’t like water ;))) But water is 28 degrees…
Have a nice time and enjoy Your life!

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